Affinity Metal Works


Beautiful addition for a candle next to your bed. Approx size 6x6x5"tall, approx wgt. 5 lbs


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Striking tall steel candle holder painted in blacken bronze. Approx height 14", approx wgt. 6 lbs


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Delicate Balance

Approx size 10"x4"wide, approx wgt 5 lbs


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Approx size 12x5x12"tall. Approx wgt 7 lbs


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Very heavy solid steel centerpiece suitable for succulent. Approx. size 4x4base, height approx 9", approx. wgt. 15 lbs


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Very heavy solid steel piece with small solid stainless steel. Beautiful rusted look with high luster. Approx size 2x2x8" tall, approx wgt 10 lbs


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Altar for Prayer and Meditation. Very heavy solid steel and stainless. approx. size 8"x 4" approx. wgt. 10 lbs


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Unbelievable beauty in steel. Be my friend. Avg. size 4" x 10" wgt. 5 lbs


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Water Well

You can almost hear the sound of water dripping in the bowl. Avg. size 6" x 10" Very sturdy heavy steel. wgt approx. 5lbs.


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The Family

Approx. 1/2" thick stainless steel base. Approx. wgt 15 lbs


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