Affinity Metal Works


Tina Strarup and Julie Lee
THE BASICS of Affinity Metalworks Sculptures

Metals are not static compounds. They are ever-changing. Over time, when exposed to air, water, heat, other metals, pressure or chemicals, metals can be transformed into a myriad of hues and textures. With hard work and a little imagination, these compounds can be made into useful works of art.

Affinity Metalworks uses a variety of metals including stainless steel, hot and cold rolled steel, copper, brass, cast iron and aluminum. The metals are then cut, cleaned, smoothed, shaped and polished. Items are finished using various techniques such as heat, patina, paint or abrasives. Some pieces are left in their natural state and others are purposely rusted. The pieces are joined with the use of bonding agents and welding. Ceramic pieces are finished and attached in some cases and found art is also utilized. Lacquers are used to preserve some of the surfaces. Given that metals can change with exposure to natural elements, some pieces may change over time, particularly enjoyed out of doors.

Affinity Metalworks was founded by Tina Strarup and Julie Lee. They are educated, creative women who shared a curiosity about working with metal. This endeavor resulted in a growing fascination with metal compounds and an insatiable drive to create unique metal sculptures. As experienced business owners, establishing a mode to share their passion for art was a perfect fit for their entrepreneurial spirit. The excitement people express about their art serves to fuel their enthusiasm. As Affinity Metalworks continues to grow and mature, we too are evolving. There is an unseen force that pushes us along to keep creating. It's really about the mystery of what the next piece will look like.


Many believe that the nutritional value of food varies depending on the intention of the person/s by whom it is prepared. On some level we know this and will even comment that even when we use the same recipe, it doesn't taste as good as when it's cooked by someone else. Dr. Masaru Emoto's research has demonstrated that pleasant thoughts, words and sounds has the power to alter the molecular structure of water. He found that water can actually be cleansed and purified without the use of filtration systems or the addition of chemicals. When examined closely, water not only displays the imprint of its physical state, but its spiritual surroundings as well. That's pretty amazing. And yet it shouldn't be so surprising since prayer is a type of thought form energy projected outward from a source.

And so it is with this work. We believe that each sculpture is a reflection of life itself. They are imperfect. They are smooth and rough, light and dark. They display contrasts, similarities, difference. They hold the dimensions of past, present and future. They become more vibrant in the light. They exhibit subtleties. They expose themes that occur in all relationships: closeness, distance, dependency, balance and imbalance, bonding, loneliness, oddities, simplicity, stillness, complexity. Each piece is structured with the highest intention of purity and wholeness. They are born of that perspective and energy. Consequently, it is that vibration that will continue to emanate from the sculpture and positively influence its surroundings.