Affinity Metal Works


This piece Is what it says. Custom piece bent and twisted.


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Encircle Me

Custom piece with flat metal encircled by flat mesh.


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Granite base with hand bend and steel that has been patina


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El Sol y Luna

Large Sculpture with natural patina and enamel.


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King William

hand painted steel bowl in front with shelf in back for candle


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Very Heavy Trough Planter with rustic finish. approx wgt.65 lbs. If local, please email before purchase and we will deduct the shipping cost. Beautiful yard or deck piece.


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Wall art with mirror that has been chemicall treated to produce patina and rust. Shipping is included so if local, email before purchase and we will deduct $70. Approx size 42" tall x 12" wide. Unique and very unusal piece which can also be used as floor piece if it has wall support.


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Sprial Odyssey

Patina steel table top with spiral legs. Shipping is $100 for large size which is included. If local, please email and we will deduct shipping before purchase. Approx. size 20" x 20" top by 20" tall


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Vintage Collection

Various pieces of metal welded together to form a table. Perfect as a plant stand. 9" x 10" x 24" high.


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Shine On

Tall decorated steel planter. 8" x 8" x 24" tall.


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